100% Stretch Mark Removal

Scarring is something that not only affects women but also men, teenage girls and boys and even children. In western medicine, stretch marks are seen as something irreparable, which is not correct – we have been successfully removing them since 2003.

Stretch marks (scarring) are streaks or stripes on the skin, most commonly caused by distension of the skin, especially with pregnant women. They, however, are also a result of gaining or losing weight, a consequence of taking a particular medicine, rapid child growth as well as quick mass gain when performing a certain physical exercise. With men, they most often appear on their abdominal area, back, chest area or biceps, whereas women most often suffer from thigh, bottom, breast or hip stretch marks. The latter are connected to excessive hormone secretion or intense fluctuations in body weight. It has been estimated that stretch marks appear in 75% to 90% of pregnant women whose body undergoes several changes during the pregnancy. The skin starts thinning, the collagen fibres start changing and all that results in reduced elasticity of the skin. When these collagen fibres burst open, the skin where the fibre used to lie becomes thinner, of a reddish colour and takes a shape of an arched line. These lines first appear red and are curving outward of the skin, but then become bluer before they turn white and sink deep into the skin.

For this reason, stretch marks need to be removed with a method where deep layers of the skin are re-merged together as opposed to just making sure red lines are not seen on the outer surface of the skin anymore. To predict whether a person is going to have stretch marks is not possible. We often hear that women with more elastic skin or women of a certain ethnical background are not going to be affected by stretch marks, however, none of these statements have proven to be true. Cosmetic industry has made several products claiming to reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks, yet no balm has shown the results we offer.

In our salon, stretch marks are treated with a procedure where they are recirculated with blood before we continue by regenerating the skin. This makes inner layers of the skin regrow, causing disappearance of scarring and stretch marks, leaving the skin as it was before the emergence of red streaks. It is of a high importance we not only treat the top, outer parts of the skin, but also the inner, hidden parts of it where stretch marks sink into after a while. The process of re-growth, however, takes time as our body has to reproduce body cells in order to heal the area.

We have been performing stretch mark removal since 2003 and by the results of our clients, we can safely  assure that all the affected areas of skin are completely treatable and repearable. The skin is smooth and scar-free. I would like to emphasise the fact all stretch makrs can be treated, especially those that have emerged recently and are up to one year old, so the sooner our client decides to remove them, the better and the more


strije odpravljamo 100%

Stretch marks on the inside of the leg before therapy.

Inside of the legs after the therapies, without stretch marks