Fat & Celulite Removal

To remove fat and cellulite, we offer you several programs. With our help you can choose the most appropriate program for you.

INFRAFIT Rebalance

is a result of a study of human metabolism and causes, which allows the accumulation of  fat stores. Combined operation effortless and regular physical activity, combined with a deep and localized thermal activity of infrared rays, causes the process of loosing unwanted fat and cellulite, improves muscle toning, stimulates the blood flow in a body, strengthens the immune system, opens the lymphatic system, acts on rheumatics and it has beneficial effects on injuries and broken bones. In short, the loss of excess fat and cellulite in certain parts of the body  help improve the functioning of our organism and psycho-physical health.


eliminates cellulite and fat tissue, better tones, causes lymphatic drainage and better blood flow to tissues with oxygen. It is a therapeutic massage system, which creates a vacuum and is used in dealing with varying stages of cellulite, scars, sports injuries, pain, and sore muscles


for purification and detoxification, blood circulation and skin firming, eliminating fat and cellulite.


CPTechnology™ works by generating a high-frequency electric field between the applicator and the reference electrode. Both electrodes are separated from the tissue. Electrons inside the molecules are affected by the electric field, causing them to spin slightly around their equilibrium.

The friction caused by molecule movement emits the heat used for therapy. The heat triggers vasodilatation, speeds up the metabolism, increases muscle tone, stretches tissue, and activates fibroblasts and the formation of new collagen. Advantages of CPTechnology™ are low energies for achieving of desired goals.


A novel device for HypoThermic Stimulation (HTS™) of the skin tissue. It combines Cryo therapy and endodermo therapy (RDT®).

CryoVAC technology is based on gradual, controlled skin tissue cooling, ensuring a safe body shaping option.

HTS™ is a noninvasive method for local fat tissue and cellulite reduction while improves skin tone with no pain, anaesthesia, painkillers or recovery period.



HIFU is the only non-invasive treatment that can specifically target the deep foundation below the skin that is addressed in cosmetic surgery without cutting or disrupting the surface of the skin, without an anaesthesya and without a long recovery.

With just one treatment, HIFU pushes mature skin to start working hard again. It deposits focused ultrasound energy below the surface of the skin to contract the facial layer as well as stimulate the body’s creation of new collagen in deep layer not only on the surface.

As we get older, collagen looses its elasticity and its ability to stand up to the effects that pull the skin downward. HIFU starts a repair process that produces fresh, new collagen. The real results are visible immediatly, the second  phase in 2-4 month, and they last up to 5 years.

HIFU is an entirely non-invasive new procedure. You are able to return to your normal activities right away, there is no recovery and no special measures you need to take.

The results of HIFU therapy:

– tighter and better skin on your face, neck and body
– lifting your entire face, or cheecks, eyebrows, neck, decollete and the wrinkles beetwen chest
– tighter and lifted chest, arms, elbows, tummy, inner side of thighs, knees and upper side of the palm

– lifting the skin on the lids and make the eyes more opened
– reducing deep wrinkles
– improving skin elasticity
– removing hanging skin of the jaw line
– removing cellulit
– removing fat cells
– reducing the scars
– reducing the big pores
– reducing upper lips wrinkles
– lifting the chin or reducing the double chin

The therapy with HIFU is also suitable for all those people who can not afford a surgery because of bad blood clotting and some other illnesses or they have some scruple about surgery.

Left: Before treatment – Right: 1 day after treatment

Left: Before treatment – Right: 1 day after treatment

Left: Before treatment – Right: 1 day after treatment

Left: Before treatment – Right: 1 week after treatment

Left: Before treatment – Right: 1 week after treatment

Left: Before treatment – Right: 10 days after treatment