Intelligent RF


Collagen fiber from derma gets heat through RF energy which makes collagen get instant contrast. So skin on body and face or stretch marks tightened; then the heat from dema makes the rebirth of collagen and the new collagen arranges neatly and deeply. Meanwhile the old one gets fixed.

Different high frequency wave parts penetrate trought dermis layer, the epidermis ( 1,5mm – 2.5mm), subcutaneous tissue, fascia ( 3.5mm  –  4.0mm). It directly acts on SMAS (fascia) to improve old skin and saggy skin.


-Skin tightening
-Face lifting
-Wrinkle removal
-Chin shaping
-Improve skin elasticity
-Improve skin bad situation


  1. Pregnant
  2. Facial neuritis
  3. Serious heart disease
  4. People with false teeth or metal teeth
  5. People with teeth orthotics
  6. 6.People with eye problem
  7. Allergic skin


  1. Skin may feel hot or pain
  2. Edema may appear and edema disappears in 1 – 3 days.